Parenting is an extremely challenging task to all adults who have been bestowed the wonderful gift of having a child. Good parenting skills would enable the child to have a healthy and enjoyable environment for both learning and growth. Therefore, the roles of parents are extremely important in affecting and nurturing the child's character and personality.

In parenting, both parents play an equally important role in helping the child navigate his way through the most important times of his growing up years. Both the mother and father play complementary roles in a family and this helps to develop the child's identity. It is important that the parents are partners and have to work hand in hand closely in providing responsible, unlimited and balanced care for the child.

ParentingTo be good and successful parents, it is important to learn how to work together and face problems as one family. Many people find it hard or even extremely difficult to be good parents for their child and often lose control of themselves and their tempers. To avoid these unwanted circumstances, it is important that both parents learn how to share their problems and support each other through times of difficulty when nurturing the child. It is also beneficial to plan out a way to successfully solve problems when it arises so as to ensure that the best solution can be derived.

Parenthood is a wonderful and exciting stage in one's life. It is important to learn how to cope with the stress and problems that arise when parenting children so as to avoid lashing out at them. Parenting toddlers and pre-school children is one of the most important phases in a parent's life as the child is at his most easily-influenced stage and would tend to mimic the behaviour of the people around them.

Teenage parenting is one of the trickiest and toughest part of parenting as teenagers are hard to break down. It takes quite a reasonable amount of skill to communicate with teenagers. Lots of patience and love are needed to become a good and successful parent. Often, parents tend to be overly anxious and make mistakes while parenting teenagers. No matter what, parents still play an important part in a child's mental and physical development and therefore every decision and action made would impact the child greatly.